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Tears guaranteed, or your money back!


I officiated my first wedding after one of my best friends from Texas State University and his future bride asked me to officiate theirs.  I was shocked, honored, excited and nervous.  I could speak all day about each of them and their love for one another, but the formalities and overall flow of the ceremony were new to me.​  Besides finding out last minute I had to hold a microphone, everything was perfect.  After being told by many of our (male) friends how well I did, and that they had to keep their sunglasses on to hide the tears, my career and slogan were born.


Those who know me personally know I love to talk, and have no fear of the spotlight.  More importantly I know this is not my big day, it's yours.  With endless research, I have mastered the ceremony to be able to cater to any of your wants.  My goal is to mix this service with the same personal touch I gave at my very first wedding which may or may not have had me choking up as well.  A perfect mix of powerful speech, romance, and comedy allow me to promise, "Tears guaranteed, or your money back!"


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